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 Forum Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guidelines   Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:19 am


Do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated (unless in an appropriate context of genuine advice), hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. Do not post anything that could in any way be construed as offensive, illicit or defamatory.

  • No flaming
    Do not post messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting.
  • No trolling
    Do not put on a deliberately inflammatory persona in order to provoke a vehement response from other users. Try not to respond to people who do (don't feed the trolls!).
  • No thread hijacking
    Do not use other people's threads to chat amongst yourselves. Use the PM function instead.
  • No txt spk
    Do not use text speak or CAPITALS.
  • Swearing
    The censorship filter is in place to filter out hardcore swearing and avoiding the censorship filter is not allowed and will be punished. All other swearing must be in context and appropriate in general discussion. e.g. Acceptable: "My exam was so crap, hopefully I'm going to have to get rather pissed tonight!" Unacceptable: "I don't give a crap, piss off". Being friendly, considerate and articulate does not usually involve the use of profanities.
  • Language
    Please use English at all times in the public forums, although Spanish may also be used if appropriate.
  • Use the right subforum
    Please ensure you post threads in the correct subforum. If you are unsure, post in the subforum you think most fitting. Using the correct subforum makes navigating and using QCL easier for everyone.
  • No multiple threads
    Do not post multiple threads on the same topic. Select one subforum and make one thread.
  • Use the search function
    Before posting a thread try searching for a recent thread on the same topic, usually a brief look down the first page will suffice.
  • Use descriptive thread titles
    Thread titles should be accurate and explain the content of the thread. Thread titles should not contain any censored words. If they do, you may be warned.
  • Do not repost deleted content
    Do not repost something that a moderator has deleted or edited. Doing so will result in a warning. If you are unsure why something has been deleted, ask in Problems and Help.


Queen's College Lounge aims to provide a forum for an inclusive and fun way to interact with other students. Welcome newbies as they have just as much to give to the forum as existing members although they may not be familiar with all of the functions of the site.

Be friendly towards other members (including the moderation and administration team), but if that is not possible please remain tolerant and civil. Abuse in the public forum or via Private Messaging will not be tolerated. If necessary the moderation team will mediate between disputing members.


  • Do not attempt to get around the censorship filter in these areas.
  • Do not antagonise other people via these methods.
  • Do not use inappropriate images as your avatar. Pornography and racist images will be immediately removed and it would be wise not to use images of a sensitive nature (e.g. swastikas). If a complaint is received and upheld, it will be modified, either voluntarily by the user or by a moderator.
  • Do not abuse your signature space. If it is too large or distracting it will be modified, either voluntarily by the user or by a moderator.
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Forum Rules and Guidelines
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